OMG, so sorry!!

Hey, y’all! Sorry for not posting on forever! Since school has stared for is, it’s very hard to post because we are so busy. We decided that we will try our best to post on weekends and anytime we are free on weekdays. We are REALLY SORRY in advance for anytime we fail to post. It is purely because we are just caught up with all our work. We hope to speak to you soon!


First Day of School

Hey, guys! So, today was or first day of school, and it was probably yours too. It was nice to meet all of our new teachers and get to know what’s gonna happen this year. Also, it was wonderful to et to know our classmates and getting use to the new place or schedule. We hope that you had a wonderful first day, and that you are happy about the new year. Even though the day was fun and action packed, we feel a little tired. We just wanted to let you know that we are still active and will try to post whenever we can. Tell us about your day in the comments below! We’d would love to hear about your day! Until next time, stay beautiful and have a great day!


Song of the week?

Hey, everybody! So, you know when a song gets stuck in your head, as you just can’t get it out? Well, that’s what happened to us! One of us heard this song called “Bilando” on the radio and decided to tell the rest of us. However, after that it sorta went downhill. Because the song was in Spanish, we as to search the English version up. Luckily, it’s sung by the same person. After that, we couldn’t stop listening to it! So, if you’re really bored and need a good song to add some color into the day, we think that “Bilando” is a great choice. Let us know if you want more of these post by commenting or liking. Until next time, stay beautiful and have a great day.


“Say What You Will”

Hi, guys! Lately we’ve been thinking about posting our first book recommendation. Since school is starting where we live, we couldn’t think of a better time! This week, we’re readying “Say What You Will” by Cammie McGovern. It’s an extremely sweet book, that allows it’s reader to see the world from a different point of view. It’s very interesting, because the book shows the truth behind lies.. It makes more sense once you read the book.. Before you rush to the nearest bookstore or library, we thought that you might wanna know what it’s about, so we attached a picture below. No copyright intended. All credit goes to the author, editor, publisher, as anyone else who was involved in the process of creating this book.


Now that you know what it’s about, we hope your interested! If you are, read it and let us know what you thought in the comments. Also, if you like weekly book recommendations, let is know by likening this post! We hope to speak to you soon, have a great day guys!


Pretty, Lovely, Lazy Hair

Hey guys! Sorry we haven’t been posting! We just got caught up with back to school and visiting family. But, now that we’re back, we wanted to show you a fun hairstyle that you can wear to school when you feel lazy and still wanna look pretty. For this braided style, we recommend a few hair ties, and bobby pins. Of course, you’ll also need a hairbrush to get rid of any and all tangles.


Step 1: Brush your hair rid of tangles, so that there’s no trouble when you braid.


Step 2: start making a French braid from one side of your head. We felt really lazy, so instead of making the whole French braid, we picked up hair from the bottom only.


Step 3: continue braiding all the way down and then tie it with a hair tie. (If you want, you can just keep this adorable braid an your good to go!)


Step 4: Now, wrap the braid around (itself) to make the bun and tie it again with a hair tie.


Step 6: if it’s droopy, like ours, you can choose to pin it up with a few bobby pins, like us, or just let it droop!


Here’s the finished product, once again!


We hope you liked this hairstyle. Let us know by liking this post, or leave a comment telling us about what you’d like to see next! Until next time, have a great day!


What is in My Travel Bag?



As we wait at the airport for a connecting flight, we thought we would do a post on what we have kept in our travel bag. If we follow our very first instincts while packing, we would be bringing just about everything we own. But of course, not only would that make our bag painfully heavy, but as experience tells us, half the item our bag would remain untouched throughout the trip. So after several rounds of packing and unpacking, weighing our options, and asking ourselves, “Do I really need this?”, this is the final result. 

1. Just as the purple and green flowery print shows in the picture, our bag is from Vera Bradley.  Unlike what we had initially assumed, this bag actually has quite a bit of space and multiple smaller compartments and pockets, which helps keep things organized and manageable. Our favorite thing about it is probably its versatility. It has one handle in the center and two straps on the sides, so it can be carried either as a purse or a backpack. Personally, we prefer carrying it as a backpack since it looks better that way and is more efficient.

2. Next in our bag is a novel since we cannot imagine going without one. However, we also cannot see ourselves reading all that much during the time we are going either. So I only took one: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

3. And then there is our tablet, which not only kept us busy during our previous flight, but is currently serving as the medium through which we write this post.

4. So apart from the generic hair-ties we have kept, in the same compartment,  a lip gloss someone had given me a few weeks back. A lot of the lipglosses we have are either too old or too messy to use, so we decided to take this one. The flavor is “candy coated apple” which really does not appeal to us, but it does the job.

5.In a separate compartment, we have kept a pen and a notepad. As we write, we actually cannot think of any valid reason for keeping a notepad…

6. Lastly, we have a moisturizer and hand sanitizer. There is not all that much to say about this, but in case anyway would like to know, the moisturizer is name “pink chiffon” and the sanitizer is named “cranberry twinkle”, and they both are from Bath and Body Works.



Anyways, this is the end of our post and until our next blog post, bye!


Vacation Nails

We’re about to go on vacation, so we decided that some fresh mani-pedis were needed. In this mani, we painted our nails a shiny pink with Claire’s Gel-Alto Polish. On the bottom of the bottle it has the number 3. Then, we used some nail gems to design our pointer and ring fingers. For the pointer finger, start with one square gem, and then put two on top leaving a pace in between, as seen in the picture. Continue this pattern, until you reach the tip of the nail. Now, for the ring finger, take some round gems and line then up in a straight line until you reach the tip. Make sure that it’s all sealed with a generous amount of top coat. Then, top coat the rest of your nails for shine and protection! If you’d like to paint your toenails (which we did) we recommend painting them with the same color and your fingernails, and then sealing it all with a too coat. We hope you try these nails out and like them!