Curly Hair Tips and Tricks

Curly hair- It can REALLY be a hassle sometimes…

Sometimes the curls don’t dry very defined and more times then not, they create a halo of frizz. It can take forever to dry and can be difficult to maintain. And trying to brush it… Well that’s basically mission impossible. So then how do youtubers and celebrities and basically every Pinterest post pull it off? How can all these people have such nice hair- the ideal curly  hair- when you’re stuck with this monster?

The answer? Well, you’re really not. You have the same exact hair as them… The only differences are that the multiple different tips and techniques that you can use. It is not necessary that you use all of them. Just use whatever gives you your desired look!

Number 1: Combing
It is recommended that you comb your hair when taking a shower. The best time is when you condition it. This allows for your hair to be combed but does not create any frizziness. You should not comb you hair when it is dry. The best type of comb would be a wide tooth one as curly hair usually has sections.

Number 2: Drying
In order to minimize the frizziness and create define curls, using an old t-shirt is the best way to go. Find an old t-shirt (you may want a long one is you have long or thick hair) and place it on a flat surface. Then, place you head on it and fold the shirt al around you head. You should be left with the sleeves. You can twist them and then bring them around to tie them in the front. This should hold if done properly. Leave it in for about 15-20 mins or until the hair is about 80-90% dry.

Number 3: Mousse
If you do not want to use heat on your hair and want it to air dry, apply some mouse (about the palm of your hand though it may vary with hair length and thickness) to help hold the curls in place. Mousse helps to eliminate frizz and holds the curls together. It has a much longer lasting effect than hair sprays. It is wise to invest in a good brand to ensure your hair gets the best treatment possible.

Number 4: Diffuser
For those who are willing to apply heat, invest in a diffuser. A diffuser mimics the way curly hair dries but ensures that the curls are defined by helping them shape. It also applies less heat to the hair, and therefore is considered less damaging. You can apply mousse before using a diffuser or after (I recommend before). To diffuse, you should put you dryer at a low or medium setting. Then, if you want to create volume, flip your hair and gently apply it to the roots. Next, take the diffuser and start it at your roots. Continuing to go up until you reach the top of your head and hold until mostly dry and repeat. Feel free to scrunch the hair too!

Number 5: ROCK IT!
At the end of the day, regardless of how defined or frizz-free your curls are, they are beautiful. Feel proud to have such amazing, crazy, fun hair and show it off to the world!


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