Hair Lotion?

Why, yes, hair lotion. The day before yesterday, we had briefly mentioned a product review that was overdue. Well, here it is! This product is great if you have fizzy, dry, or messy hair. It’s basically like hair gel. It’s important to note that this is NOT good if you have oily hair, because it’ll make your hair even oilier. We recommend using a very little bit of this, because it is quite strong. We suggest starting around the middle/bottom area, and then slowly going to the top where you put/apply the least amount. Apply a dash to the tips of your hair too for best results. This is only from our personal experience, so if you try it out, let us know in the comments below! If your wondering what this product is, here’s a picture:

You can get this at shop rite if you can’t find it anywhere else. We hope you enjoy this, and if you would like for us to do more of these, let us know by commenting or liking this post. Until next time, stay beautiful, and we hope to speak to you soon! 🙂



You all must be wondering where we’ve been. Well, we were so caught up in reading “Say What You Will”, our last book recommendation. We thought that the whole thing with Sanjay and Amy was CRAZY. It was a real plot twist that we were not expecting.. Anyways, since we finished that book, we were on a hunt for a new one! This week, we decided to pick up the book “Panic” by Lauren Oliver. It was so engaging, that instead of writing a blog post about a new product (which is overdue and we will post ASAP), we finished the book! If you like action and a little cute romance, then this is a great book for you! It has a wide range of characters to whom pretty much anyone can connect to. The main things that we found repetitive in this book were; love, fear, friendship, and courage. We highly recommend this book for anyone in high school, going to high school, or someone who just graduated high school recently.
Here’s a picture of the book:


We hope you check it out! Let us know your thoughts on the book! If you want to do more of these let us know! Sorry for writing so out of schedule randomly, but better late then never, right? Anyways, have a great day, and until next time, stay beautiful! 🙂


It’s That Time of the Year Again!!

YES, SWEATER SEASON IS BACKK!!! Well, at least where we live… Anyways, since sweater season is back over here, we thought that we’d share a good tip with you. Right now, it tends to be chilly is the morning but very hot in the afternoon. In order to dress accordingly, we tend to get confused for which part of the day to actually dress for. The answer is BOTH! So, what’s our recommendation? LAYERS. They are your best friend at this time of the year. Wear a nice pair of jeans that aren’t too warm but keep you cozy enough in the cold with your favorite sneakers. For the top, wear a cute top that’s not too “summery”, but is decent for warm weather. On top of that shirt wear a light coat/jumper/hoodie, and tie good to go! We’re really sorry that this isn’t as extravagant as a post we normally do, and we are really sorry that we didn’t post over the weekend, but as we mentioned earlier, our schedules are packed, so it may be difficult! Hang in with us!! You can always follow us on Instagram for updates on when we, be posted. Our username is just operationrunway. 🙂 Until next time, have a great day and stay beautiful! 🙂


OMG, so sorry!!

Hey, y’all! Sorry for not posting on forever! Since school has stared for is, it’s very hard to post because we are so busy. We decided that we will try our best to post on weekends and anytime we are free on weekdays. We are REALLY SORRY in advance for anytime we fail to post. It is purely because we are just caught up with all our work. We hope to speak to you soon!


First Day of School

Hey, guys! So, today was or first day of school, and it was probably yours too. It was nice to meet all of our new teachers and get to know what’s gonna happen this year. Also, it was wonderful to et to know our classmates and getting use to the new place or schedule. We hope that you had a wonderful first day, and that you are happy about the new year. Even though the day was fun and action packed, we feel a little tired. We just wanted to let you know that we are still active and will try to post whenever we can. Tell us about your day in the comments below! We’d would love to hear about your day! Until next time, stay beautiful and have a great day!


Song of the week?

Hey, everybody! So, you know when a song gets stuck in your head, as you just can’t get it out? Well, that’s what happened to us! One of us heard this song called “Bilando” on the radio and decided to tell the rest of us. However, after that it sorta went downhill. Because the song was in Spanish, we as to search the English version up. Luckily, it’s sung by the same person. After that, we couldn’t stop listening to it! So, if you’re really bored and need a good song to add some color into the day, we think that “Bilando” is a great choice. Let us know if you want more of these post by commenting or liking. Until next time, stay beautiful and have a great day.