Pretty, Lovely, Lazy Hair

Hey guys! Sorry we haven’t been posting! We just got caught up with back to school and visiting family. But, now that we’re back, we wanted to show you a fun hairstyle that you can wear to school when you feel lazy and still wanna look pretty. For this braided style, we recommend a few hair ties, and bobby pins. Of course, you’ll also need a hairbrush to get rid of any and all tangles.


Step 1: Brush your hair rid of tangles, so that there’s no trouble when you braid.


Step 2: start making a French braid from one side of your head. We felt really lazy, so instead of making the whole French braid, we picked up hair from the bottom only.


Step 3: continue braiding all the way down and then tie it with a hair tie. (If you want, you can just keep this adorable braid an your good to go!)


Step 4: Now, wrap the braid around (itself) to make the bun and tie it again with a hair tie.


Step 6: if it’s droopy, like ours, you can choose to pin it up with a few bobby pins, like us, or just let it droop!


Here’s the finished product, once again!


We hope you liked this hairstyle. Let us know by liking this post, or leave a comment telling us about what you’d like to see next! Until next time, have a great day!


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