What is in My Travel Bag?



As we wait at the airport for a connecting flight, we thought we would do a post on what we have kept in our travel bag. If we follow our very first instincts while packing, we would be bringing just about everything we own. But of course, not only would that make our bag painfully heavy, but as experience tells us, half the item our bag would remain untouched throughout the trip. So after several rounds of packing and unpacking, weighing our options, and asking ourselves, “Do I really need this?”, this is the final result. 

1. Just as the purple and green flowery print shows in the picture, our bag is from Vera Bradley.  Unlike what we had initially assumed, this bag actually has quite a bit of space and multiple smaller compartments and pockets, which helps keep things organized and manageable. Our favorite thing about it is probably its versatility. It has one handle in the center and two straps on the sides, so it can be carried either as a purse or a backpack. Personally, we prefer carrying it as a backpack since it looks better that way and is more efficient.

2. Next in our bag is a novel since we cannot imagine going without one. However, we also cannot see ourselves reading all that much during the time we are going either. So I only took one: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

3. And then there is our tablet, which not only kept us busy during our previous flight, but is currently serving as the medium through which we write this post.

4. So apart from the generic hair-ties we have kept, in the same compartment,  a lip gloss someone had given me a few weeks back. A lot of the lipglosses we have are either too old or too messy to use, so we decided to take this one. The flavor is “candy coated apple” which really does not appeal to us, but it does the job.

5.In a separate compartment, we have kept a pen and a notepad. As we write, we actually cannot think of any valid reason for keeping a notepad…

6. Lastly, we have a moisturizer and hand sanitizer. There is not all that much to say about this, but in case anyway would like to know, the moisturizer is name “pink chiffon” and the sanitizer is named “cranberry twinkle”, and they both are from Bath and Body Works.



Anyways, this is the end of our post and until our next blog post, bye!


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