Vacation Nails

We’re about to go on vacation, so we decided that some fresh mani-pedis were needed. In this mani, we painted our nails a shiny pink with Claire’s Gel-Alto Polish. On the bottom of the bottle it has the number 3. Then, we used some nail gems to design our pointer and ring fingers. For the pointer finger, start with one square gem, and then put two on top leaving a pace in between, as seen in the picture. Continue this pattern, until you reach the tip of the nail. Now, for the ring finger, take some round gems and line then up in a straight line until you reach the tip. Make sure that it’s all sealed with a generous amount of top coat. Then, top coat the rest of your nails for shine and protection! If you’d like to paint your toenails (which we did) we recommend painting them with the same color and your fingernails, and then sealing it all with a too coat. We hope you try these nails out and like them!


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