Pimples Here, Pimples There, Pimples Everywhere

Pimples are something that most people deal with in their lives, especially in their teenage years. Sometimes we can deal with these nasty visitors, but other times, they just have to leave. So, after doing some research, we decided to compile a list of 3 simples remedies that you can do at home!
Remedy #1: Lemon Juice
While using this technique, it’s crucial that FRESH lemon juice is used. Before going to bed, take a clean cotton swab (ex. Q-tip) and dip it into the lemon juice. Then apply it to the “pimple-populated” area.
Remedy #2: Sweet, Sweet Honey
Honey speeds up the healing process of pimples and prevent infections from developing, thanks to the fact that it’s a natural source of antibiotics! For honey, use the same methods as the lemon juice. However, the honey does not need to be applied overnight, only for half an hour!
Remedy #3: Minty Toothpaste
When using toothpaste, make sure that you use the WHITE toothpaste, not the gel toothpaste. Just take some toothpaste out of the tube and directly apply it to the pimple(s) and leave it overnight.
*These remedies may need more than 1 use/day. There is no guarantee that these will work. These remedies were found on http://www.top10homeremedies.com/how-to/how-to-get-rid-of-pimples-fast.html. The image in this post was taken from google images. No copy right intended.*


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