A Perfect Outfit for a Walk On The Beach!


What would be the perfect outfit for a walk on the beach? Everyone has their own opinions. Some would say a sundress and flip flops. Others may feel comfortable in a skirt and a cute top. Some may say a baggy top and long comfortable pants.
Well, we find a perfect outfit for a beach to be a pair of flip flops so they won’t be hard to wash when you get sand in them. They could be any type. With a little bit of heels or flat. A hat to protect you from getting sunburn. A pair of jean shorts so you can go into the water and get your feet wet and enjoy your favorite moments at the beach. A tank top of any bright color that keeps you cheery.
To accessorize yourself, your favorite and most comfortable necklace and a cute pair of hoops or studs or any other type of earrings you prefer.
Leave your hair down and it will look really pretty or you could braid it if you dont like your hair getting in the way.
If you love to wear make up, you can keep it natural to a skin color eye shadow and lip gloss.
So go out their and enjoy the beautiful beach. Make sure you wear sunscreen to protect yourself! Have fun tanning!

Flip-flops and hat- Picture taken from Google
Tank top- Express
Shorts- Justice
Jewellery- stores in NYC


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