What’s a good lazy day outfit?

Feeling kinda lazy today? After a weekend full of adventure, we sure are. It’s nice to look good, but honestly, sometimes we think a break feels necessary. A lot of times we hear of a lazy day outfit being a long shirt and underwear.. But, if your like us, that doesn’t sound too appealing.. What we decided to do was come up with our own lazy day outfits! Since being comfortable is the goal in this case, we decided to go for a simple baggy tee-shirt. This shirt can be from a club you were involved in, or even your favorite store..It doesn’t matter! If being so plain and simple isn’t your “thing”, then accessorize! A chunky bracelet, some studs, or a long necklace can make your outfit really cute! For our pants, we went with some cotton shorts. Personally, we find high-waisted shorts, or “normal” shorts, the most comfortable. On lazy days, we don’t think that any make-up is needed, just a nice shower, lotion, and some lip balm. However, if you would like to apply make-up, a natural look is highly recommended. Hair is really simple- pull it up in a neat pony, put in a cute bun, or let it flow! For shoes, just slip on a nice pair of flip-flops, or your favorite casual sandals, and your ready to face the day! *All pictures were taken off of Google. No copyright intended.*


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