Flowery Dress and Denim Jacket OOTD-7/28/14

Flowery Dress_Denim JacketFlowery Dress_Denim Jacket JeweleryFlowery Dress_Denim Jacket Jewelery 1

Dress-Holister     Jacket-Lord & Taylor  Earrings/Bracelet-Flea Market in New York City

Today We woke up with the urge to actually dress up although we had no plans to  go out anywhere. But then again, is an occasion really needed to dress up?

The denim jacket is actually our favorite part of this entire outfit mostly because we feel like it really finishes the entire ensemble and and gold sequins on the neck line and sleeves just make it stand out even more. We actually like wearing jackets like these  during the summer since not only do they cover  thin strapped dresses (similar to the one above), but they are also comfortable and simply look nice.


Here is a picture of the whole outfit:

Flowery Dress_Denim Jacket 1



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