A Perfect Outfit for a Walk On The Beach!


What would be the perfect outfit for a walk on the beach? Everyone has their own opinions. Some would say a sundress and flip flops. Others may feel comfortable in a skirt and a cute top. Some may say a baggy top and long comfortable pants.
Well, we find a perfect outfit for a beach to be a pair of flip flops so they won’t be hard to wash when you get sand in them. They could be any type. With a little bit of heels or flat. A hat to protect you from getting sunburn. A pair of jean shorts so you can go into the water and get your feet wet and enjoy your favorite moments at the beach. A tank top of any bright color that keeps you cheery.
To accessorize yourself, your favorite and most comfortable necklace and a cute pair of hoops or studs or any other type of earrings you prefer.
Leave your hair down and it will look really pretty or you could braid it if you dont like your hair getting in the way.
If you love to wear make up, you can keep it natural to a skin color eye shadow and lip gloss.
So go out their and enjoy the beautiful beach. Make sure you wear sunscreen to protect yourself! Have fun tanning!

Flip-flops and hat- Picture taken from Google
Tank top- Express
Shorts- Justice
Jewellery- stores in NYC


Operation Instagram

Hey, guys! We have some exciting news, and by reading the title we’re sure that you already know it. Yes! We now have an Instagram account. It’s operationrunway. *That has no spaces* Now, it may seem odd that we have an Instagram account, considering that we don’t get any likes or comments. However, we do keep track of our visitors and views, and thought that it was a good idea! If you want to see pictures of different places that we visit, outfits of the day, nail tutorials, some funny posts, and some random posts, then follow operationrunway on Instagram! ūüôā


Pimples Here, Pimples There, Pimples Everywhere

Pimples are something that most people deal with in their lives, especially in their teenage years. Sometimes we can deal with these nasty visitors, but other times, they just have to leave. So, after doing some research, we decided to compile a list of 3 simples remedies that you can do at home!
Remedy #1: Lemon Juice
While using this technique, it’s crucial that FRESH lemon juice is used. Before going to bed, take a clean cotton swab (ex. Q-tip) and dip it into the lemon juice. Then apply it to the “pimple-populated” area.
Remedy #2: Sweet, Sweet Honey
Honey speeds up the healing process of pimples and prevent infections from developing, thanks to the fact that it’s a natural source of antibiotics! For honey, use the same methods as the lemon juice. However, the honey does not need to be applied overnight, only for half an hour!
Remedy #3: Minty Toothpaste
When using toothpaste, make sure that you use the WHITE toothpaste, not the gel toothpaste. Just take some toothpaste out of the tube and directly apply it to the pimple(s) and leave it overnight.
*These remedies may need more than 1 use/day. There is no guarantee that these will work. These remedies were found on http://www.top10homeremedies.com/how-to/how-to-get-rid-of-pimples-fast.html. The image in this post was taken from google images. No copy right intended.*


Flowery Dress and Denim Jacket OOTD-7/28/14

Flowery Dress_Denim JacketFlowery Dress_Denim Jacket JeweleryFlowery Dress_Denim Jacket Jewelery 1

Dress-Holister     Jacket-Lord & Taylor  Earrings/Bracelet-Flea Market in New York City

Today We woke up with the urge to actually dress up although we had no plans to  go out anywhere. But then again, is an occasion really needed to dress up?

The denim jacket is actually our favorite part of this entire outfit mostly because we feel like it really finishes the entire ensemble and and gold sequins on the neck line and sleeves just make it stand out even more. We actually like wearing jackets like these  during the summer since not only do they cover  thin strapped dresses (similar to the one above), but they are also comfortable and simply look nice.


Here is a picture of the whole outfit:

Flowery Dress_Denim Jacket 1



Bunny in My Garage?!


Usually, we like to post new fashion ideas, or YA related things… BUT, when I went into my garage, I saw something amazing! A baby bunny!!! It was so cute and scared, resting near the recycling bin. I thought it might be hungry, so I left some tiny pieces of carrots for it to munch on. While I was there he didn’t do anything, so I left. However, when I came back, I saw that he’d eaten all of the carrot pieces! I’m not sure how he got in, but I didn’t plan on keeping the poor thing trapped, so I opened my garage for him to leave. Now he’s gone, but I hope he’s safe. ūüôā


What’s a good lazy day outfit?

Feeling kinda lazy today? After a weekend full of adventure, we sure are. It’s nice to look good, but honestly, sometimes we think a break feels necessary. A lot of times we hear of a lazy day outfit being a long shirt and underwear.. But, if your like us, that doesn’t sound too appealing.. What we decided to do was come up with our own lazy day outfits! Since being comfortable is the goal in this case, we decided to go for a simple baggy tee-shirt. This shirt can be from a club you were involved in, or even your favorite store..It doesn’t matter! If being so plain and simple isn’t your “thing”, then accessorize! A chunky bracelet, some studs, or a long necklace can make your outfit really cute! For our pants, we went with some cotton shorts. Personally, we find high-waisted shorts, or “normal” shorts, the most comfortable. On lazy days, we don’t think that any make-up is needed, just a nice shower, lotion, and some lip balm. However, if you would like to apply make-up, a natural look is highly recommended. Hair is really simple- pull it up in a neat pony, put in a cute bun, or let it flow! For shoes, just slip on a nice pair of flip-flops, or your favorite casual sandals, and your ready to face the day! *All pictures were taken off of Google. No copyright intended.*


Easy Breezy Nails

IMG_3175First apply a base coat if you’d like. Then, simply paint you nails a baby pink color (if you want this exact look). Once the polish has dried,on your ring finger, draw some lines coming from both ends of the nail. If you’d like to have the exact same nail(s) as in the picture, then use black on one side and white on the other. (We highly suggest that you use a nail striper for this step.) After that, if you’d like, add some glitter! We used a gray glitter striper to add some fun. Finally, seal it all with a top coat to keep the polish shiny and to make it last longer!(Apply this step to all nails) If you liked this post, let us know in the comments! Or, if you have any ideas, you could comment that too! *Click on the picture to enlarge*